NGC 4038-4039
The Antennae Galaxies.
Imaged By Dave Goodin

The AISIG is a group within the SDAA devoted to imaging the sky and helping others to take astro-images.  This "sport" is growing rapidly with theadvent of more capable and accessable electronic camers. In addition, astro-imaging is a fascinating way to observe since we can capture fainter details than are possible with the unaided eye.  Of course, there are recorded images to process, save, share and compare.  AISIG members have a wide range of imaging interests - landscape and sky, solar, wide field night sky, planetary, deep space, narrow band imaging - and use imaging tools that range from cell phones, to web cameras, to Digital SLRs, to specialized CCD cameras. Similarly, our experience level goes from beginner to some of the most accomplished imagers on the West Coast.

The Andromeda Galaxy 
The Andromeda Galaxy.
Imaged By Vince Bert

If you are an imager or are interested in learning about astro-imaging, you are invited to attend our regular meetings or ask any of the members for advice or help. Our regular meetings are on the fourth Wednesday of the month at Mission Trails Regional Park in the Visitor Center.  Contact the AISIG Chairman (on the Contacts sidebar of the website) for further information.


We support both beginning and more advanced astro-imagers. We have an exciting group within the AISIG that is working with data from the 24-inch remotely controlled Light Buckets telescopes in New Mexico.

Please view some of our work on the AISIG Gallery
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 Upcoming 2013 AISIG Meetings - (Always on the 4th Wednesday of the month)
Month Location Topic
January SD Sound and Video Planning
February SD Sound and Video Processing overview
March SD Sound and Video Post Processing I
April Mission Trails Visitor Center Post Processing II
May Mission Trails Visitor Center Pixinsight Basics
June Mission Trails Visitor Center Pixinsight Advanced
July Mission Trails Visitor Center Narrowband Imaging
August Mission Trails Visitor Center Automation
September Mission Trails Visitor Center Formatting and printing
October Mission Trails Visitor Center Nebulosity
November TBD TBD
December No Meeting  

 Caught on DVD

Previous lectures on Astro-imaging available on DVD. Contact the AISIG Chairman to borrow a DVD

 Jeff Lunglhofer  (03/26/08) Imaging Equipment, Control Software and Image Processing<
 Dave Goodin  (04/28/08)  Image Processing
 Peter Morrison (05/28/08) WebCam Imaging
 Terry Arnold (08/27/08 CCD Imaging
Jeff Lunglehofer (10/22/08) Astro-Imaging Primer, part II
Terry Arnold (07/22/09) Image Calibration Work Flow in Maxim DL Pro


 Caught on DVD (now on the web!)
 Jeff Lunglhofer's Astro Imaging Primer **Download documentation for this video here
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10
 Dave Goodin on Image Processing
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9  
Jeff Lunghofer's Astro Imaging Primer II - See it Here
Terry Arnold on Maxim DL Pro Work Flows - See it Here